I Baked a Cake for a Dog

Thank goodness blogging is not my full-time job because I would currently be broke and living on the street.  I definitely peaked with my second post, forgot how to be witty, and then just became too lazy to write any new posts since Labor Day.  I haven’t done much baking.  In fact I’ve only baked one thing, […]

Cake Batter Up and Down the East Coast

Say hi to two of my best buds We go way back. Back to a time before big sunglasses were cool. Back to a time before we were even cool. Ok, we’re still not cool. Even though we like to think we are. You see, unfortunately for me, my two best buds live in NY […]

A True Eating Challenge

Finally, I can entertain you guys with a post about a planned eating event.  You know, one where I was able to eat like I would like to eat every day of my life and not feel guilty about it.  One that *gasp* doesn’t involve peanut butter!  See, I do eat other things. Like hot […]

Funfetti Makes the World a Happier Place

Funfetti Makes the World a Happier Place

When you work in the financial services industry, the summer is slow.  So, when my old pal MK decided to come back to work as a “guest” this summer, she really helped to entertain me.  And by entertain me, I mean we spent the majority of June talking about the emptiness we were feeling after […]

Almond Pound Cake

Almond Pound Cake

I’ve been lazy. And fat. But mainly lazy.  I’ve taken tons of pictures of everything I’ve eaten…and drank…but have just been too lazy to actually write about it all.  Apparently sitting on my couch rubbing my food baby belly and telling myself “I’m giving up sugar tomorrow” each night has been more important than attempting […]

True Life: My Food Blog is Making Me Fat

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so uncomfortable in my entire life.  The amount of sugar I consumed tonight is probably more than enough to fill the Slate Rock and Gravel Quarry: (Hi Fred) I really let loose tonight. Like for real. Like let loose more than 80s/90s power hour in NYC a few months […]

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Blondies

It’s a wonder I have any ingredients left to even make these blondies.  We all remember what happened with the peanut butter last week. Well, it’s a good thing I was away all weekend because otherwise there would be zero peanut butter left and this recipe wasn’t going to happen. Actually, I came home from […]